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‘I honestly can’t thank Lisa enough for the incredible support she’s provided. She is not only the kindest most caring person I know, but also the first person I’ve actually felt comfortable opening up to. She creates a safe, trusting, and validating space, which has been so important in helping me overcome fears that had previously felt impossible. Through our sessions, I learned so much about myself and gained coping strategies that I’ll carry with me for life. I am so grateful for her guidance and support.’

- F

‘When I came to see Lisa I was very distressed by PTSD symptoms and was struggling through life. Lisa's skill and experience in using EMDR has led me to be able to process complicated childhood trauma, which I'd spent 30 years trying to ignore. Lisa has stuck with me through a lengthy therapy, helping me to reduce symptoms and get my life back. At first I was worried that EMDR would make me feel out of control but Lisa has guided me through the process in a reliable and contained way, and I've felt well supported through the tougher times. Lisa has such warmth and has been able to push me assertively when I've needed it. We've even had a few laughs along the way. Lisa has a great reputation locally which is well deserved. I will be forever grateful for finding Lisa and that she was able to help me. I won't hesitate to see her again if I need to.’

- R

‘I suffer from emetophobia and generalized anxiety and had been really struggling with day-to-day life; the pandemic had exacerbated my symptoms and chipped away at my resilence. I had been considering therapy for a while, when one day I decided I needed help and found My Online Therapist. I'm so glad I did. After submitting a request, a therapist was recommended to me very quickly, she set up an initial call with me, and we started sessions on Zoom from there. I am so privileged to have worked with Lisa - and I would never have had the opportunity to do so if I hadn't had therapy online, because we live hundreds of miles apart. Our sessions have brought me security and stability at a hugely difficult time and challenged me to push past my comfort zone, but never without my complete agreement and Lisa's support. Thank you, My Online Therapist, for bringing her into my life, and thank you, Lisa, for changing it.’

- V

‘Lisa was really brilliant. She was patient, helpful and non judgemental. She taught me a lot of techniques and tools that will be very useful to me in my recovery going forward.’

- E

‘It has completely turned things around for me. I was not in a good place at all before I started and couldn't see a way beyond my difficulties. I am now living a much more full life with hope for the future.’

- Annonymous

‘We are an expat family living in Thailand and could not find a local, English speaking therapist for our 13 year old daughter. I had my reservations about online therapy and I was worried about clear communication and the session lacking the personal touch. However I was more than pleasantly surprised. Once therapy began it really made little or no difference that we were conducting the sessions online. It also enabled my daughters mother to join the session from a different location over 1000km away! Lisa Dale was an excellent therapist and made my daughter feel comfortable from the start. With the help of Lisa, my daughter made very rapid progress in addressing and challenging her issues. Lisa helped her a lot and has given her the skills and awareness to tackle future issues on her own if they arise. I would recommend Lisa highly to anyone in similar need.’

- M (Daughter age 13)

‘Lisa has been amazing with both EMDR and CBT therapies. She has helped me overcome my issues which has left me far happier than I have been for a while.’

- Annonymous

‘I have recently had support from Lisa. She was very friendly and felt I could talk to her about anything without feeling silly. She gave me lots of advice about how to manage my feelings and told me why I feel like I do. Having been through trauma we did lots of activities to help with my feelings of worry and sadness. My support from Lisa has helped me make sense of why I feel the way I do. I feel much better now and that’s thanks to Lisa and her brilliant support.’

- E aged 13

‘My 13-year-old daughter, Ella, recently had support from Lisa, I felt she was very approachable and formed a great therapeutic relationship with Ella, as such, Ella was able to open up and engage with the activities recommended by Lisa. Her support has helped Ella to process trauma and I feel she is much better emotionally than when she started the sessions. I really liked the way Lisa tailored Ella’s sessions as and when it was needed and it felt like a very personal and individual experience. Thank you Lisa.’

- N (mum of E, 13)

‘We found Lisa at a time when our daughter was experiencing a mental health crisis. This was the first time we had ever experienced this, and we were really worried. I had no idea how to help her and as a parent, I found this the hardest part. This was such an uncertain time in our lives we were completely out of our comfort zone.’

- Annonymous

‘I cannot speak highly enough of Lisa and how she helped the whole family come to terms with the situation. My daughter attended weekly sessions of CBT to treat OCD and anxiety. Lisa always went above and beyond to help her and always had the time to talk things through and give reassurance. My daughter has improved significantly following the work she had done with Lisa and has a really positive relationship with her. In particular, she is relatable and I know my daughter is hugely comforted by her whenever she requires further support.’

- Annonymous

‘Her treatment has not only allowed her to live a happy and healthy life again but has also inspired her to consider a career in psychology herself. Words can not express our gratitude for giving us back our little girl, teenage strops and all’

- Annonymous

‘Lisa is a wonderful therapist. She has a gentle approach but, with her support, will push you to challenge your fears and help you to think differently about the way you perceive the world.’

- Annonymous

‘I accessed Lisa during the pandemic therefore face to face sessions were not possible however we were able to have therapy via zoom and this has worked well. I have seen five therapists over the last 7 years and I can honestly say Lisa is by far the best I have worked with (which considering her sessions have been via zoom speaks volumes). I built a rapport with Lisa in the first session and felt I had made the right decision to continue treatment privately.’

- Annonymous

‘I have already recommended Lisa to other people I know. I look forward to continuing my therapy journey with Lisa and would like to thank her for her kindness, expertise and patience during a very difficult period of my life.’

- Annonymous

‘Lisa was brilliant to work with. She really understood our daughter's condition. She was so good at recognising when Esme could be pushed to challenge herself and when she needed Lisa to pull back and change tactics.’

- Esme

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